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Instant Pain Relief with Lifewave Icewave Patches

Instant Pain Relief with Lifewave Icewave Patches

  • No drugs or chemicals;

  • Acupuncture without needle;

  • Natural healing with no side effect;

  • Safe and get result within minutes;

  • Pain relief for many types of body pains, e.g. Shoulder pain, back pain, arthritis, migraine, neck pain, headache, joint pain, muscle pains, toothache & etc.

For more information or free trial (confirmed effective before purchase), please call:


Mr. CT Tan - H/P: 016-5206366
Distributor ID: 709398

En. Hisham - H/P: 012-4000331


Miss Sophia Ho - H/P: 012-5155977

Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Hau - H/P: 019-2623998


Mr. Lau - H/P: 019-5718819

Agents/Distributors wanted. Contact any one of the above.

Instant Cooling Effect after putting on the patches

English Instruction 1

English Instruction 2

English Instruction 3

English Instruction 4

English Instruction 5

Chinese Instruction 1

Chinese Instruction 2

Chinese Instruction 3

Chinese Instruction 4